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TELAL is an end to end solar service providers in the UAE. We provide quality EPC solar services at a competitive price in the industry. Solar energy systems to meet all kinds of expectations from the clients are designed, procured, installed by a professional team.
To have fair and sustainable energy resources, most of the commercial and residential building structures are preferring for solar energy resources. EPC Solar stands for the Engineering Design of the solar plant, Procurement of materials required to set solar plant and construction of the plant. With professionally qualified engineers and technicians, we deliver the most economical EPC solar solutions in the UAE market.

Generally, solar energy resource utilization set up requires huge investment as it incorporates the use of material and technology very well. Solar projects for residential and commercial uses are designed and executed well with an expert team of TELAL. Our team of engineers and technicians work systematically to meet the client specifications within budget and support the client with an uninterrupted energy source for the future.

How TELAL work with EPC solar projects?

TELAL’s team of engineers and technicians contributes their best to the following three stages of solar systems for residential or commercial purposes.

  • Engineering Design for solar plant
  • Procurement of Equipment
  • Construction of Solar Plant